Pharmacoeconomics: Diabetes

Pharmacoeconomic  research is the process of identifying, measuring and comparing the costs, risks and benefit of services, therapies and determining which alternatives can produce the best health outcomes for resource invested.  Diabetes mellitus patients require frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels, anti-diabetic drugs on a chronic basis and all of which result in a significant economic burden on the diabetes patients and the world economies.


 Diabetes  with complications results in double the cost when compared to diabetes alone, so that the burden of diabetes and its complications was significant for an individual. This cost associated with the disease is preventable by diet restriction and aerobic exercise, to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and its complications in mind.


  • Pharmacoeconomic challenges in the management of diabetes
  • Humanistic Evaluation Methods
  • Pharmacoeconomic Controversy
  • Pharmacoeconomic Consequences
  • Drug Therapy EvaluationDrug Therapy Evaluation
  • Naturalistic pharmacoeconomic studies
  • Strategies to Incorporate Pharmacoeconomics into Pharmacotherapy
  • Pharmacoeconomic challenges in the management of diabetes
  • Methods of Pharmacoeconomics

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